retape was incubated in Lucrecia Lovera – Platform for Textile Research.

The retape project was born thanks to the challenge of Invention combinated with the will of making “new from old”…the recycling will.

We needed to generate a product based on very low material costs, and or recycled materials.

We had the expertise to handle fabrics and yarns, and a conviction that whatever the material might be, it could be manufactured into a fabric to make a product.

Attempts were varied and many, brainstorming with friends and colleagues was constant and intense: we needed a thread, or something that could be used as thread that we could knit and weave with…

The happy day found us where someone mentioned the magnetic band. Analog technology we grew up with…the Videotapes, unforgettable frame carriers, now replaced by digital technology, DVD.

Thirsty for experimentation, it took no longer than a week to get a Videotape and test the magnetic band…and it worked!… among other qualities it was stable, lightweight, strong and durable material .

We found then our muse: the magnetic tape, reason for our entire concept and design; a hundred stories and people…

Excuse to take a further step in recycling  and new trend in design.

Let´s retape!!